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USB People the most innovative promotional gift

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  USB People are the most innovative promotional gift,many people like people USB Flash Drives,and use them for gift,let us introduce them,The Original USB People are the products that launched the range. It's the most innovative promotional product we've ever seen at YOUSAN, and has spawned the range that we've featured on our english  website.

  A novelty USB flash drive only in appearance, the original USB People, or USB Men,USB Women as they are sometimes known, are strong and reliable with infinate customisation options and a 5 year manufacturing guarantee.

  You can fit it in with your company uniform to reinforce your corporate image, create one for a particular event or promotion you are planning or use them as a customer gift, knowing that USB flash drives are very popular and are used widely and keeping your company name and message in front of them day after day.

  There are a number of set styles for you to choose from, as pictured below, including USB Businessmen, USB Doctors, USB Nurses, USB Footballers and USB Father Christmases.

USB People the most innovative promotional gift

USB People the most innovative promotional gift

  However, if you have an idea but not the creative expertise to bring the design to life, our design team can interpret your requirements to create exactly the bespoke USB Person you had in mind. We can send proof designs for you to see before production takes place so we can get the design just right.

  Want a quotation? No problem! Submit your requirements using the quotation form.

  See below for images, video content and technical specifications.

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