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Bottle Opener Flash Drive that also opens bottles!

  There are so many things that a geek should carry around, but if you did manage to remember all of them, you'd look like you were ready to hike the Alps. So we settle. We carry things like Swiss Army Knives or multitools. And of course, the one tool we really need is the one that we don't have. This is how the world ends. We bang the beer bottle on the edge of the table and whimper.

Bottle Opener Flash Drive that also opens bottles!

  We're here to solve your problems. (Yep, thank us later.) This shiny silver USB flash drive has 8 GB of storage for all your important data AND it doubles as a bottle opener. Bring it to work, load it up with all your important files, and then bring it out to happy hour or back to your place for a few brewskis. It's a brilliant invention and we're honestly not sure why nobody thought of it sooner.

Bottle Opener Flash Drive that also opens bottles!

  Product Specifications

  Shun the unitasker! This flash drive also opens bottles!

  USB 2.0, 8 GB of storage

  Stylish, portable, and useful in TWO ways

  Supports Windows 7/Vista/XP, Linux 2.5, MAC OS X or higher

  Dimensions: 75 x 18 x 9 mm (approx.)

  Weight: 40g

  Please drink & download responsibly

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