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How about the Transformer USB Flash Drive?

  How about the Transformer USB Flash Drive?the price of 4gb,many people will ask this qustion,If you loved playing with transformers as a kid, you’ll love this Transforming USB flash drive. Equipped with four gigs of memory and built to look like Ravage, the decepticon transforming jungle cat definitely has more than meets the eye.

How about the Transformer USB Flash Drive?

  The Autobots definitely know how to fight in glorious style and look awesome while doing it, but when it comes to a battle of the coolest gear, the Decepticon win hands down. Now you’ll be able to relive the excitement of playing with Transformer toys with Ravage the transforming USB flash drive which contains more gigabytes than meet the eye.

  Not only will documents be safely stored in this 3″x.5″x1.5″ flash drive but it’ll provide hours of fun when not plugged in because much like its namesake, it transforms into a mini Ravage. Making it the go-to flash drive for taking to school or work where time inexplicably seems to slows down. It comes equipped with a high quality true capacity drive along with 4 GB of space so you can carry all your projects in presentations in style. Once you pull out the Transformers USB flash drive people will definitely take notice – and in most cases ask you for a turn to play with it – while you save your work with the stealthy Ravage.

  Transformer 4GB USB Flash memory flash drive,Just to let people know, this item is actually a knockoff of the real thing, The first picture is that of the REAL one and the second two are the knockoffs,The first picture is that of the REAL one and the second two are the knockoffs.

  First, the construction of the transformer prevented me fitting it into my desktops USB slot properly. Secondly, it twice corrupted my data and forced a reformat. Thirdly, the USB attachment pulled off when pulling it out of my USB slot after less than 50 uses. I cannot recommend this as anything more than a novelty.

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