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PVC Five-pointed Star USB flash drive

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PVC Five-pointed Star USB flash drive
  • Matetial:
  • Interface Type:USB2.0/3.0(can choose)
  • Capacity:256MB/1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB
  • Certificate:ISO9001,CE,ROHS,FCC
  • Logo:Customized Logo
  • Size:
  • Guaranteed:1 year(UDP),5 years(USB)

Product Details

PVC Five-pointed Star USB flash drive

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the sky is full of little stars. This is a warm and sweet children's song we heard when we were young. It's about what little stars look like. In fact, there are many applications of star shapes in our lives. For example, our five-star red flag has five-pointed stars on it. Our clothes are also designed with many star shapes as decorations at sometimes. Today we are going to introduce a promotional gift customized by our customers, five-pointed Star USB flash drive, also can be called star USB disk.

 PVC Five-pointed Star USB flash drive

This is a large-sized five-pointed star USB flash drive, with red color and white logo. Red is a Chinese color, and also a lucky color, so we chose red as the theme color. The white logo is made in the middle of the five-pointed star. The combination of red and white is very eye-catching.

Shipments after 3 times full-detection : Do first detection, full detection, and eliminate the problematic incoming materials first. After 3 times of full inspection, the defect rate is controlled within three thousandths.

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