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bamboo crystal USB flash drive

bamboo crystal USB flash drive

Product size:65x20x15mm
Meterial: Wood

bamboo crystal USB flash drive

What is the procedure of making glowing crystal USB flash drive?

The cutting of outer shell: the initial craft of making USB drive. To cut the material according to the rough shape of the product.

The grinding of outer shell: use diverse millstones to grind the outer shell of USB drives according to the requirement of different glowing crystal USB drive.

The polishing of outer shell: use polishing powder to polish the outer surface of USB drives. The different the craft, the diverse the sharpness and refractive index.

3D inner engraved logo: use laser inner engraving machine to engrave prefabricated 3D model in crystal cube.

Abrasive blasting: use the craft of emery abrasive blasting to blast emery on the crystal surface based on the designed image. The crystal part is creaming white after abrasive blasting and you can also color it based on creaming white.

Deep engraving: engrave on the crystal surface to form different images. The line of image is thicker and the original color is creaming white after deep engraving. You can also color and draw it by adopting high temperature to melt crystal to draw different shape. Because the effect is not good after drawing it, the craft is mainly to make decorations and accessories for USB drive.

Imprinting: just like plastic imprinting, after melting crystal, we can imprint the crystal liquid to a certain shape according to the model. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the product is reduced largely so as to the whole product with less conspicuousness.

Color printing: print inside crystal or on the surface of crystal. It contains two color printing crafts: transparency and non-transparency.

Mucilage glue: due to the particularity of crystal material, we need to glue different accessories together after polishing them. In general, we use crystal glue with purple light and reinforce them by purple light.

bamboo crystal USB flash drive

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