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Golden glowing crystal USB drive

Golden glowing crystal USB drive

Product size:60*18*10mm

Golden glowing crystal USB drive

   This is the heart shape style in crystal series. The pure transparent crystal USB drive with colored plastic accessory above glows white. Before using it, the image of whole logo is white, just like the transparent crystal. There is a word “Fu” engraved in USB drive. The word “Fu” stands for luck and happiness, so many people use this word.

   Metal crystal glowing USB drive will glow red after using it, which is transparent and beautiful. This is the picture of real product above. The logo inside it can be customized according to your logo and advertisement slogan.

Golden glowing crystal USB drive

Can we arbitrarily choose the led light color of glowing crystal USB drive?

Glowing crystal USB drive can freely laser engrave enterprise logo in it. At the same time, the led light of it has many colors to choose. You can choose whatever you like.


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