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Luminous colorful crystal USB drive

Luminous colorful crystal USB drive

Product size:60*18*10mm

   2013 luminous crystal USB drive, transparent crystal reflective USB drive, has 3D logo inner engraved with fashion and beauty. The whole product of glowing crystal USB drive consists of 2 parts: one is that there is a semitransparent cube with a tiny hole; the other is that there is a colorful rectangular USB. The USB port can stretch freely. It can glow when USB plugs into the cube.

Luminous colorful crystal USB drive

   Why does the crystal USB drive glow colorful light? Because it has installed led light with different color, we can see the colorful light. Customers can choose the led light of their favorite color to install in USB drive based on their likes.

Luminous colorful crystal USB drive

   How to custom the logo on the crystal glowing USB drive? The glowing USB drive is printed by the inner laser 3D carver. If you want to custom transparent glowing USB drive, you only need to supply your logo or image and then give it to us.

Luminous colorful crystal USB drive

Product specifications:

1. Adopt port of USB1.1/2.0. In support of hot plugin. plug and play

2. No need to supply external power. In support of the startup mode of USB-HDD and ZIP of BIOS

3. Storage capacity: 2GB - 32GB. It can be custom based on customer demand

4. Use multiple operating system: WIN98/SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7MACOS86&HIGHERUNIXLINUX2.4 or the newest version (WIN98 needs to install drive program)

5. Electronic storage medium and no mechanical part. Anti-earthquake, anti-electromagnetic interference

6. Safety of saving data

7. Rapid speed of reading and writing for USB2.0: writing speed: 5-8MB/S; reading speed: 12-16MB/S(associated with computer’s configuration)

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