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How much data can I store on these USB Flash Drives?

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  How much data can I store on these USB Flash Drives?Our USB Flash drives are available in different capacities: 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. These numbers below are estimates.

  A 32 GB drive can store 640,000 doc pages; 19,200 pictures; or 2,048 MP3 files.

  A 16 GB drive can store 320,000 doc pages; 9,600 pictures; or 1,024 MP3 files.

  An 8 GB drive can 160,000 doc pages; 4,800 pictures; or 512 MP3 files.

  A 4 GB drive can store 80,000 doc pages; 2,400 pictures; or 256 MP3 files.

  A 2 GB drive can store 40,000 doc pages; 1,200 pictures; or 128 MP3 files.

  A 1 GB drive can store 20,000 doc pages; 640 pictures; or 64 MP3 files.

  A 512 MB drive can store 9,600 doc pages; 320 pictures; or 32 MP3 files.

  You can typically backup all your important files on a USB Drive over 8GB or you can use our Portable Apps software to sync files between your USB drive and your home computer.

  If you store movies on your computer, the average DVD compressed to MPEG format will hold a standard feature film at excellent quality by using only about 1GB per hour of movie. A typical 2GB flash drive will hold one two hour movie when compressed to MPEG format.

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