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Push pull epoxy USB flash drive

Push pull epoxy USB flash drive

Product size:75x24x12mm
Meterial: Plastic, Metal

Push pull epoxy USB flash drive

   There is a slide rail for this kind of push-pull epoxy resin USB flash drive, frosted stainless steel epoxy resin USB memory disk. We can adopt the technology process of epoxy resin to print logo or image on the outer casing. This style has a larger area to print than others, which is suitable to print image or colorful logo. The USB port is retractable, it can be hidden when you dont use it. All USB drives and electronic digital products can be customized with your company logo. 

Push pull epoxy USB flash drive

   Push-pull epoxy resin USB flash drive can be made with arbitrary epoxy resin true-color logo. The style showed above is the original type without processing by epoxy resin. We can customize any epoxy resin image onto it, which is suitable for foreign trade company and gift company to customize in large quantity and then mix them to give your customer.

Push pull epoxy USB flash drive

*Lead system to start up directly, suitable for BIOS to support USB start up system, can replace floppy drive.

*Plug and play, high speed USB port, no need of external power, convenient to use.

*Bearable free-falling collision of less than 3 meters, low temperature, and can ensure the safety of data no matter how bad the environment is.

*It has metal ouch, and is light and convenient. No need to install drive when system version higher than WIN98. It adopts the original grade-A chip of Samsung or Hyundai, and can write repeatedly more than 100,0000 times. The life of storage is more than 10 years.

*Its compatible with PC, Notebook, iMAC, MAC and SERVER

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