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Cartoon monkey USB flash drive

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Standard Capacities

For orders over 500 units we will pantone match the product to the colour of your choice. Please click here for full list of colours available.

Shipments after 3 times full-detection :
Do first detection, full detection, and eliminate the problematic incoming materials first. After 3 times of full inspection, the defect rate is controlled within three thousandths.

Product information

      The Monkey USB disk series launched in the Year of the Monkey has been very popular. From the beginning of cartoon monkey, standing monkey, and then to the sitting monkey, the monkey USB disk is customized with PVC soft plastic mold. Later, we also launched metal monkey USB flash drive, gold monkey USB disk and monkey head USB flash disk. Today we are going to introduce our custom-made PVC soft rubber monkey USB disk.

Cartoon monkey USB flash drive

      This is a fat-headed cartoon monkey USB flash drive, with standing posture and light blush. The moulded PVC soft plastics monkey USB flash drive is in the shape of monkey, and its design is very simple. There is a character “luck” at the monkey's chest. On the back is the logo of customer company, and the logo is also modeled. This monkey USB flash disk is a customized conference gift of a financial industry company.

Cartoon monkey USB flash drive

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