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What is customization process for metal USB flash drive?

What is customization process for metal USB flash drive?

 What is customization process for metal usb flash drive?Metal USB disk customization is very popular in the customization of USB flash drive. Because of its strong texture, metal USB disk is deeply liked by enterprises and users. Metal USB disk is not easy to damage, which is also one of the reasons why enterprises customize more.

  Why do so many people choose metal usb flash drive?

      1. The metal housing is solid and textured.

      2. There are many metal usb flash drive styles which looks fashion and novel. And metal usb flash drive is normally used as high quality USB disk.

      3. The logo process on the surface of metal USB disk can be carved by laser engraving, without fading, which is also a reason why enterprises choose metal materials for custom made USB flash drive.

What is customization process for metal USB flash drive?

  What is the time and cost of making mould for metal USB disk?

      Making mould for metal USB disk is a complicated technology. Generally, it takes us about 12 – 30 days to make mould for metal housing(as per housing shape complexity). Mould fee is about 5000-12000RMB(as per housing shape complexity). Logo is made by silk printing or laser engraving.

      Advantage: Suitable for mass production.

      Disadvantage: long time for making mould, and a little high cost for housing.

  Customization process for metal pentagon USB flash drive:

      Metal five-pointed star USB flash drive is a customized case of our company. Below we explain the custom process of making mould for metal five-pointed star USB flash drive, as well as the problems that we should pay special attention in the process.

      1. Confirm dimensions. Before design, we need to confirm all dimensions of USB flash drive. This metal five-pointed star USB flash drive is finally determined to be 40mm length, 40mm width, and 8mm thickness.

      2. USB Interface design. There are several selections for USB interface design below.

      (1) In line, one-piece.

      (2) Cap pulled out (USB head in the cap, as in our case).

      (3) Cap pulled without USB head.

      We chose the second interface for this metal five-pointed star USB disk. Note: The pull-out part of the USB interface is designed to be a ladder structure (see below effect diagram), and a buckle is made on the ladder. This solves the problem that the USB Disk will become obviously loose after being pulled and inserted many times. The pull-out part and the cutting surface of the housing are perpendicular. After several tests, it is found that the cutting surface designed to be perpendicular is much better than the inclined one.

  3. Keychain hole design.

      A lot of USB flash drives don't have keychain holes. For the convenience of carrying, we designed this keychain hole. The keychain hole diameter is about 3mm. And its position is close to housing edge, so that it is convenient to hang the key chain.

What is customization process for metal USB flash drive?

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