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Embedded Desktop Wireless Charging


      The desktop embedded wireless charging is our factory’s proprietary design,We have customized bedside table embedded wireless charging solutions for multiple hotels, with easy installation and excellent feedback. We have also customized desktop embedded wireless charging solutions for several furniture companies, as well as office embedded wireless charging solutions. If you have similar requirements, please feel free to contact us for sample testing.


Embedded Desktop Wireless Charging

Brand:Desktop Embedded Wireless Charger
Product Model: SM-02
Material:Acrylic Surface Cover, Aluminum Alloy Base
Sensing Distance:<5mm
Input:12V-2A, 9V-1.67A
Output: 15W 
Colors:White / Silver
Product Dimensions: 72*10mm
Charging Interface:USB
Charging Standard:QI Standard Wireless Charging Device

Our Advantage

1、Made from full metal casing with an acrylic panel, more durable than plastic casing.
2、No need for drilling, can be installed by simply placing it on top.
3、Flush with the desktop, enhancing aesthetics and convenient to use.
4、Independent coil design, no interference during charging.
5、Integrated embedded design, simple and convenient.
6、Comes with a 1.5-meter extended connection cable.


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How to Install an Embedded Desktop Wireless Charger?

Installation Process

Installation Slot Dimensions:59.5mm


1. Place the wireless charger into the small hole on the table, with a hole diameter of 18mm.


2. Insert the wireless charger into the circular hole, with the cable at the bottom.


3. Peel off the protective film from the surface of the wireless charger."


4. Place your phone flat on the wireless charger surface to start charging.

Scenarios for Using Desktop Wireless Chargers

Where to use?

Coffee Shops

Bedside Tables

Conference Tables

office desk

Need Help?


What are some common issues with embedded desktop wireless charging?

The embedded desktop wireless charging has a diameter of 72mm, a thickness of 10mm, and a cable length of 150mm.

The base of the embedded desktop wireless charging is made of aluminum alloy, and the circular top cover is made of PC material.

The installation slot size of the embedded desktop wireless charging is 59.5mm, which is a standard size for common office furniture, bedside tables, and other similar items. Therefore, it can be installed without the need for drilling holes.

The charging time for the embedded desktop wireless charging is typically around 2-3 hours. It’s important to use a fast charging adapter, as using a fast charging adapter can further reduce the charging time.

The embedded desktop wireless charging can be customized with various colors for the top cover. However, black and silver are the primary colors offered. If there is a need for custom colors, a minimum order quantity of 500 units is generally required.

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